PACT and Our Plans

Posted by AlternativePods on Sep 22nd 2022

Where can we ship? The "Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act" was buried in the massive Omnibus spending bill and signed into law on December 27, 2020. Among other things … read more

R and M Tornado 8000 Vape

Sep 22nd 2022

Why you should buy R&M Tornado 8000 Disposable vape RandM Vape is a brand specializing in the disposable vape pen and customization vape hardware.We have the most innovative hardware designs and … read more

BosVape 3500 puffs DTL Disposable Review

Posted by Michelle on Aug 22nd 2022

BOSVAPE DTL 3500 VAPE REVIEWThe new Direct to Lung BosVape 3500 Puff device display box shows you exactly how the devicelooks. It comes prepacked and ready for use. This device is not like anything I … read more

Hyde IQ Vape Review

Jul 10th 2022

Hyde IQ Recharge Puffs ReviewHere is couple things you should know about Hyde IQThe Hyde IQ is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy puffing -easily and conveniently. It's lightweight … read more

Elf Bar Airo Max Review

Posted by Who knows? on Jun 29th 2022

Elf Bar Airo Max ReviewHey ElfBar Fans! Here we are! The best brand 2022 of disposables ELFBAR came out with new device and more puffs! The same amazing and delicious flavors! Specifications: Pre-fill … read more