BosVape 3500 puffs DTL Disposable Review

Posted by Michelle on Aug 22nd 2022


The new Direct to Lung BosVape 3500 Puff device display box shows you exactly how the device
looks. It comes prepacked and ready for use. This device is not like anything I have seen before.
The wide grip box device with the indent for better gripping and the large Sub-Ohm mouth piece to
experience the disposable vape mod, with more flavor and smoke than any other disposable device I
have ever tried. The advantage of using the new disposable is that it avoids all the mess then the
general vape mods. Once you have hit the 3500 puffs you just dispose and grab another!

Bosvape DTL 3500 puffs

The BosVape is rechargeable and has a slot for a USB-C quick charger (not included). The
mouthpiece is designed for larger airflow to help provide more potent hits and larger clouds. To use
the device, remove from plastic shrink wrap, remove mouthpiece cover and sticker on the bottom of
the device. The device comes fully charged and ready for use.

bosvape dtl

After looking at the list of the flavors from the brand, you have a good selection of most popular
flavors that everyone enjoys in the market today. The exciting flavors are listed below. Each flavor
has been perfectly crafted to the exact point that it taste just as you expect! Combo flavors, single
flavors, straight mint, everything users expect when buying a vape! A small selection with a high
expectations of large smoke clouds that doesn’t taste burnt after. After trying all 5 flavors I have to
say I am very impressed with the quality of the device and the output. Each rip was exactly what I
expected and did not get disappointed at all. You get use