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Blow Disposable Vape Stix 280mAh 1.2ML
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Available Flavors:

Blow Disposable Strawberry Mango
A sweet, soft strawberry mix with a refreshing mango twist!

Blow Disposable Grape Ice
A dynamic chilled savory grape flavor!

Blow Disposable Blueberry Raspberry
An unexpected explosion of the dynamic duo with blueberry and raspberry!

Blow Disposable Green Apple
A mind-blowing crispy green apple delight!

Blow Disposable Orange Guava Passion Fruit
An overwhelmingly impressive guava passion fruit with an orange zest!

Blow Disposable Mango
A subtle yet smooth mango muse.

Blow Disposable Raspberry Lemon Mint
A delectable blend of lemon mint with raspberry to satisfy your sweet and sour cravings!

Blow Disposable Pineapple Ice
An enthralling tropical fruit with an exciting pineapple tang!

Blow Disposable Strawberry Watermelon Ice
An icy relish of a mouthwatering combo with watermelon and strawberry.

Blow Disposable Fire Bull
An inferno combust of a citrusy hint fit for a bull.

Blow Disposable Deeeewy
A delicious citrus blend with a chill smooth finish.

Blow Disposable Snow
A combination of a minty inhale with an icy exhale.

Blow Disposable Bursted Cherry
A cherry burst flavor like no other.

Blow Disposable Monsta Fuel
Bring out your inna monsta with this powerful citrus fuel!

Blow Disposable Strawberry Banana
Refreshing strawberries with a hint of bananas to make the perfect smoothie. 

Blow Disposable Frozen Rings
A combination of peach and raspberries with an icy exhale.

Salt Nicotine: 5%
Resistance: 1.80
Battery: 280mAh
Liquid: 1.2ML
Puffs: 300

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  • 5
    I love these

    Posted by carole hall on Apr 7th 2021

    Good flavor to me. Especially the green and white. Nice pull to them

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel E. Finley on Mar 23rd 2021

    Has made my life easier with out Cigarettes

  • 5
    I really enjoyed the taste.

    Posted by Claire Billie on Feb 10th 2021

    I will be placing order again

  • 4
    Great Disposable, Great Taste

    Posted by Ron Major on Feb 2nd 2021

    The only issue I have with these is about 1 out of 5 do not work fresh out of their container. Alternative Pods were kind enough to add extra Blow Disposables to cover the loss.

  • 5

    Posted by Janine Bennick on Jan 26th 2021


  • 5

    Posted by Cheryl on Jan 20th 2021

    These Blow Vapes are What's Happening

  • 4
    Purchased blow disposable performs great received fast all in all great

    Posted by Tyler conn on Jan 16th 2021

    Great buy

  • 5
    Tangerine Ice, Pineapple Ice, Grape Ice, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Mango, Frozen Rings, Blueberry Raspberry, Deeewy.

    Posted by Ashley Kindermann on Jan 15th 2021

    I really like this one. Have great flavor selections. See below for more specific flavor comments. Very sleek and slim. Has a good draw and full flavor without being overpowering.
    Tangerine Ice- good ice, light citrus flavor.
    Pineapple Ice- Great flavor, clean, crisp, bright.
    Grape Ice- Not to be considered same as grape bubble gum flavor, very grape and bold
    Strawberry Watermelon Ice- LOVE this one. Great flavor, good mix of both Melon and berry without being to much.
    Mango- good flavor, but a little dull in comparison to some of the others
    Frozen Rings- LOVE this one. Great flavor combo of the Raspberry and peach
    Blueberry Raspberry- Can't offer much as the units I have received were defective, but smells great. Will provide more feedback if/when I get a functional one. Looking forward to it
    Deeeewy-Very bright and cooling. Very clean and crisp, citrus without being overly so.

  • 4
    Blow disposable -- Tangerine

    Posted by David Young on Jan 14th 2021

    Good quality stuff, only reason it gets a 4 because its literally just a hint of tangerine no more.