Sky pods 5ct

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Sky Pods :

JUUL Compatible Pods

  • 1ML pods
  • 6% nicotine
  • Nicotine salt formula
  • Pack of 5

Package contents:

1mL of eJuice with 6% nic by weight

Sky pods flavors:

  • Sky pods Mango
  • Sky pods Fresh Mint
  • Sky pods Pineapple Coconut
  • Sky pods Straw Lemonade
  • Sky pods Blue Sushi Ice
  • Sky pods Lush Ice
  • Sky pods Blue Lemonade
  • Sky pods Cotton Candy
  • Sky pods Variety Pack ( (Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut, Blue Razz Slush, Lush Ice)
  • Sky pods Creme Brulee (new flavor)
  • Sky pods Strawberry Banana (new flavor)
  • Sky pods Blueberry Cake (new flavor)

nicotine by weight and 1ml of eJuice. Sky Pods compatible with JUUL, comes in different flavours. Sky pods flavours:

Sky Pods 

Sky pods are JUUL compatible pod and the best pods in the market at this moment it comes in 12 different essences, and you can buy them undoubtedly from our website. We are providing the best and high-quality JUUL compatible pods. They include nicotine and numerous flavours that you will definitely like. We are offering these pods at a low cost. 

  • We also offer these pods for wholesale price. You can contact us for further price details we will provide you with the best wholesale price. But you must be ordered in bulk for the wholesale price and can contact us directly. Our best selling flavour in the Sky pods are Mango, Mint, Lush Ice, Lemonade, Cotton Candy and many more.

 Each Pod contain 6% nicotine by weight and 1ml of eJuice. Sky Pods compatible with JUUL, comes in different flavours. Sky pods flavours:

  • Sky pods Mango

Sky Pods mango is a mango flavour. This flavour gives the tasty sweet feeling like a mango. It is a delicious flavour that gives unique mango taste all-day. When you take this JUUL compatible pod, you feel the taste of a mango 

  • Sky pods Fresh Mint

This Sky Pods Fresh Mint pod is a JUUL fit having a mint flavour which gives the cooling sensation to the mouth. It will relax your mind and fresh your mouth as well.

  • Sky pods Pineapple Coconut

Sky pods Pineapple Coconut flavour is a unique flavour, especially design for this sky pod which gives you a super delicious taste of a Coconut and pineapple. As you know that pineapple has a delightful feeling when it combines with coconut, it becomes super delicious.

  • Sky pods Straw Lemonade.

Sky pods Straw Lemonade is a combination of strawberry and Lemon, which makes the yummiest taste when combines. It gives a delicious feeling to your mouth when you take this Pod.

  • Sky pods Blue Sushi Ice

Sky pods Blue Sushi ice is also a JUUL compatible pod which give the unique flavour to the tongue.

  • Sky pods Lush Ice

It gives the smooth and fruity all day in your vaping experience. It gives the sweet and fresh watermelon taste when you inhale it and on exhales it provide you with the menthol feel. 

  • Sky pods Blue Lemonade

Blue Lemonade is having Sweet and unique flavour of lemon mix with some berries. It gives you a unique taste after inhaling the pods.

  • Sky pods Cotton Candy.

It is a combination of different flavours gives the unique fragrance and taste to the tongue. You feel good after taking the JUUL compatible pod. This Cotton Candy will contact you a candy smell when inhaling it, and when you exhale, you will feel a sweet and unique flavour on your mouth.

  • Sky Pods Variety Pack

Sky Pods Variety Pack contains different flavoured pods. It does not include one flavoured Pod, but different flavours include in one pack. When you take this pods, you can enjoy diverse tastes different flavours in one box

  • Sky pods Creme Brulee (new flavour)

We introduce a new flavour which is Sky pods Creme Brulee. It is a new and unique flavour we present on the demand of our customers. Creme Brulee has a taste of burnt cream; it has a sweet, creamy taste and a crunchy and smooth texture in the same bite. You can say that its taste will surprise you when you inhale this Pod.

  •  Sky pods Strawberry Banana (new flavour)

Our another fresh taste is Sky pods Strawberry Banana it is a unique flavour Strawberry which has very refresh palate as well when it mixes with Banana it makes a fantastic taste, and you must enjoy this flavour.

  • Sky pods Blueberry Cake (new flavour)

Sky pods Blueberry Cake is also a fresh taste in our catalogue which provides the cake and blueberry flavour. A very unique and delicious when you inhale it you will surprise to the feeling.

Sky pods Just the name it is one category of Pods which have many pod flavours included when you select this category you will find different tastes which will blow your mind.

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  • 5
    These pods work perfectly with my juul. I placed my order in Thursday and received it on Monday, very impressive.

    Posted by Zinda Johnson on Dec 10th 2019

    I love the strawberry banana flavor can’t wait to try the next.

  • 3
    Not for me

    Posted by Janice Jones on Dec 7th 2019

    I didn't mind bending up the contacts to make them work. I could not stand the flavor. Creme Brulee was terrible.

  • 5
    Sky pods lush ice

    Posted by Sebastian Ayles on Nov 25th 2019

    Absolutely amazing. Best flavor to menthol ratio in any pod brand I've tried. Super fast shipping too.

  • 4
    Sky pods Mango

    Posted by George on Oct 16th 2019

    Tried these sky pods and was very pleased. Best mango pod I have tried. Usually receive my orders in about 4-5 days, last order was places on Oct 6th, it's now the 16th and still waiting for the product to arrive. Hopefully this is not the new norm.

  • 5
    Sky Pods

    Posted by T Garmon on Oct 15th 2019

    These are by far The Best pods I have ever used!! Absolute TRUEST flavors out of any. Yes they burn a LITTLE quicker than some BUT you get 5 pods as opposed to 4. Absolutely Best bang for your buck

  • 5
    Sky Pods

    Posted by Denise Higdon on Oct 6th 2019

    Great taste, more pods at good price 5ct Cotton Candy

  • 5
    Sky pods

    Posted by Leonard Fetty on Sep 26th 2019

    My wife and I have used these pods for a while. Best flavor and good length of use. Highly recommend them.

  • 5
    Happy again

    Posted by Timur on Sep 9th 2019

    I recently reviewed a product that showed up with an entire pack of MNGOpods that were defective. It took a bit of doing, but I was given store credit
    With that I decided to switch it up and try something new. Thank God i did!
    These pods are WAY more flavorful, have more flavors, and the square mouth piece doesn’t slide out of my teeth!
    The cherry on top..... they are $3 cheaper!!!!!!!
    Thank you alternative for keeping me a very HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!

  • 5
    Happy again

    Posted by Timur on Sep 9th 2019

    I recently reviewed a product that showed up with an entire pack of pods that were defective. It took a bit of doing, but I was given store credit
    With that I decided to switch it up, and try another another brand. Making it all worth while! I subsequently found another brand better and CHEAPER!
    All is well once again! Thank you alternative, for making it right. Keeping me a HAPPY customer once again!